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BC Select

This menu is hand crafted by our BC Fit Meals chef team, that puts special care into special seasonings and sauces. These dishes also include a variety go wonderful proteins such as chicken, red meats, & seafood. We also include healthy fats from coconut oils, avocado oils, and a variety of nuts to garnish. Nutritionist built and chef created to perfection with BC Fit Meals!​


Lean & Clean

This menu is designed for individuals looking to have lean, lower calorie ingredients while maintaining an abundance of proteins, gluten-free carbohydrates, and nutrient-rich vegetables! These meals are put together with protein-rich sources that avoid red meats, pork nuts, and limit the calories intake by no added oils and or sugars. Get lean by eating clean with BC Fit Meals!


Athletes Menu

This menu is personally designed by our sports nutrition specialist, Tyler Kalisiak. Each meal is put together with a perfect blend of protein-rich meats, fuel-efficient carbohydrates, healthy fats, and plenty of nutrient-rich vegetables that will allow you to always be building, performing and recovering at your most optimal levels. Helping you continue to push onto new limits!



The vegetarian (Vegan options) menu definitely does not lack on the flavor and nutrient-packed ingredients category. Each dish brings an abundance of season vegetables, spices, healthy fats, and still provides and outstanding amount of vegetarian / vegan friendly proteins such as; lentils, eggs, dairy, & a combination of rices and beans that build complete proteins.