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This menu is handcrafted by our Guiltless Food Co chef team, which puts special care into special seasonings and sauces. These dishes also include a variety go wonderful proteins such as chicken, red meats, & seafood. We also include healthy fats from coconut oils, avocado oils, and a variety of nuts to garnish. Nutritionist built and chef-created to perfection with Guiltless Food Co!​

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Sara Bosma

It’s all very tasty! Would love to see more steak options Vs chicken. Also maybe less Asian style cuisine not because it isn’t good tasting, but can just be repetitive to have all the time. But love it all so far!

Rhonda Holmes

Great company. Food is fantastic. Perfectly packed and ready to go.

Jasmine McMahon
So far so good

Enjoyed my first week of Guiltless Food. I am a mom working full time in an office setting. Finding time to meal prep is difficult. It’s easy to fall into the fast food trap at lunch. This is a great alternative. Pricing is less than the cost of eating out daily.

Taylor Muto
Everything’s good

Tiki masala or however you spell it I’m not a big fan of but everything else is sooo good. Mexican Turkey bowl is top tier

Just Erik
Highly Recommended

On my own, I eat too many of the same foods and when something doesn't turn out well or I don't feel like cooking, I tend towards grabbing some fast food and calling it a day. Guiltless has helped me stay out of fast food. It's helping me eat a greater variety of foods, prepared better than what I'm capable of making, and tasting better as well. The proportions are just right such that I feel full and not overstuffed. I love what it smells like when it arrives and look forward to each meal. The driver is courteous and the staff is helpful and positive. I can't overstate how happy I am that I found this place. If anyone is reading this and even remotely in the same boat as myself, I'd highly recommend giving this place a shot.