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Vegan Menu

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The vegan options menu definitely does not lack on the flavor and nutrient-packed ingredients category. Each dish brings an abundance of seasonal vegetables, spices, healthy fats, and still provides an outstanding amount of vegan friendly proteins such as; lentils, eggs, dairy, & a combination of rice and beans that build complete proteins.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nicole Zoet
Vegetarian option

I thought I’d try before I bought it. I was surprised at how good it tasted. I went in and just bought a few meals from the fridge. I have now ordered the veg low carb option 1 meal x 7 days. The flavor profile is great. I hope you also add soups and low carb desserts. I have been keto for a long time and more maintenance then trying to lose weight. I do wish the had vegetarian keto so I didn’t have to balance my healthy fats with this higher carb intake then what I am use to. If they ever do I’ll do more then a meal a day :) thanks for having a vegetarian option though. Super nice people that work/own this great company!

Brittney Sesma
Love it

By far the veggie is my favorite very tasty and filling highly recommend. Also the staff is the most respectful and friendly.

Annemarie Westbrook

Everything is really good. I had different items the first two weeks and the third week I got a repeat of the items from week two. Hoping the menu has more than ten meal choices

Ryan (AndBio) Andrews
Easy, delicious and good for you!

Love this meal plan! Great local company who cares about your nutrition. Delicious food