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Classic Menu

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This menu is handcrafted by our Guiltless Food Co chef team, which puts special care into special seasonings and sauces. These dishes also include a variety go wonderful proteins such as chicken, red meats, & seafood. We also include healthy fats from coconut oils, avocado oils, and a variety of nuts to garnish. Nutritionist built and chef-created to perfection with Guiltless Food Co!​

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Peyton Rex
Great tasting food!

So far I have enjoyed every meal especially breakfast! Which is ironic for me because I don’t like breakfast very much. The chorizo tacos and protein pancakes we delicious!

Ally Hanson
4 Stars

Very Good food, my only complaint is that most of the vegetables are left raw so when I am heating up in the microwave at work, I have no way of cooking them further. Otherwise, the meals are great!

Kenny Parrish
Very Satisfied

The food is delicious, we are very happy with our meal plans.

Krystal Paul
Nice portion sizes

I really enjoyed the variety, taste and size of the meals. The price is competitive within the market. The only downside is the pick up/delivery which is why I did not purchase again. Great otherwise

Sherry Coopman
Most of the entrees are good but...

The turkey meatballs while somewhat tasty are like a stone to cut, why so tough?? I am not a fan