Delivery Service

All residents will be given an ETA on the day of delivery. Then, you will be notified once delivery has been made. The phone number provided when ordering, is the number in which the notifications will be sent. If you needed to change your contact info, please let us know via email at

We are proud to be hand delivering all of our customer orders with care. We keep the food cool during delivery, until arrival. IF you will not be present at the time of delivery, we suggest leaving an ice chest out for one of our team members to place you order into. For local deliveries, we have the ability to bring your order back to our shop to be picked up there, OR delivered during Wednesday's second delivery day.

For all outside residents who are not home during delivery, we will do our best to keep your meals in a safe and cool location. It’s suggested to not leave the meals out for longer than 1 hour once delivered to preserve its freshness.

We strive to do our very best to ensure delivery at the proper time but may change due to weather and traffic conditions. We will keep in contact with you if these issues arise and do our best to accommodate you and the situation.

All delivery changes need to be requested by Friday for Sunday deliveries, or Tuesday regarding Wednesday deliveries.

Delivery Area


Unsure If We Deliver In Your Area? Ask us below!


  • Riverside County Sunday for all.  Then Wednesday for those ordering 2 or more meals per day will receive their second deliveries.