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This menu is designed for individuals looking to have lean, lower-calorie ingredients while maintaining an abundance of proteins, gluten-free carbohydrates, and nutrient-rich vegetables! These meals are put together with protein-rich sources that avoid red meats, pork nuts, and limit the calorie intake by no added oils and or sugars. Get lean by eating clean with Guiltless Food Co!

Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Malinda Sadler

The meals are good and flavorful. The only negative comment is the veggies, mainly the broccoli is old or turning bad. This has been regularly.

Amber Holden
Good but too little calories

Great flavor, variety but not enough calories especially if working out. 100-300 calorie meals

Patrick Merrick
Love the Freshness

Tried one week. Satisfied. Will reorder one more week before deciding to subscribe. Mostly good with a couple of misses.

Sarah Raymer
Loving the flavors, need more sauce!

Proteins can be pretty dry (I get extra protein meals which could use extra sauce).
Loving the variety and flavor.

Last weeks meals

This week I had two meals that I had to throw out. The grilled chicken had tons of fat and one of the chicken fajita meals had a weird taste. The onions were brown, the jalapeños were mushy and it tasted spoiled. I’ve had them before and it didn’t taste like that at all.