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Lean Menu
Fernando Torres Lopez
Lean Menu

The lean menu is great and my wife and I enjoy all the dishes. The only issue we have is that we feel whenever there is a dish with potatoes, pasta, sweet potato, or some veggies that they are undercooked and hard.

Classic Menu
Sara Bosma

It’s all very tasty! Would love to see more steak options Vs chicken. Also maybe less Asian style cuisine not because it isn’t good tasting, but can just be repetitive to have all the time. But love it all so far!

Classic Menu
Rhonda Holmes

Great company. Food is fantastic. Perfectly packed and ready to go.

Lean Menu
James Corbitt
Great Food…Great People!!!

Great food…Great People!!!

Honey Nut Crisps
Brandy Powell
Exceptional Customer Service and Delicious Food!

Started picking up lunch here back in February. Thus far, there hasn't been a meal that wasn't delicious! Customer service is wonderful and I'm so glad I finally signed up for the weekly meal preps. Takes the guess work out of what I'm eating on my lunch break!

Lean Menu
Scott Coombs
Tastes great

We feel great after eating. We have loved each meal,

Classic Menu
Jasmine McMahon
So far so good

Enjoyed my first week of Guiltless Food. I am a mom working full time in an office setting. Finding time to meal prep is difficult. It’s easy to fall into the fast food trap at lunch. This is a great alternative. Pricing is less than the cost of eating out daily.

Pretty Good!

These meals are great! You get lots of food which is a big plus! The Performance Meals are a bit carb-heavy for me. Also, a small picky thing for me is, I wish some of these came with slightly more sauce as they're a tiny bit dry. I felt like I had to doctor it up a bit with more sauce and/or salt/pepper. Other than that, a solid choice! :) My favorite was the Sweet Chili Salmon.

Lean Menu
Michelle Arevalo

Lack of options

Classic Menu
Taylor Muto
Everything’s good

Tiki masala or however you spell it I’m not a big fan of but everything else is sooo good. Mexican Turkey bowl is top tier


Definitely love the snack packs. My absolute favorite would have to be the honey nut crisps.

Classic Menu
Just Erik
Highly Recommended

On my own, I eat too many of the same foods and when something doesn't turn out well or I don't feel like cooking, I tend towards grabbing some fast food and calling it a day. Guiltless has helped me stay out of fast food. It's helping me eat a greater variety of foods, prepared better than what I'm capable of making, and tasting better as well. The proportions are just right such that I feel full and not overstuffed. I love what it smells like when it arrives and look forward to each meal. The driver is courteous and the staff is helpful and positive. I can't overstate how happy I am that I found this place. If anyone is reading this and even remotely in the same boat as myself, I'd highly recommend giving this place a shot.

Classic Menu
Darren Jones

Great food and great service!!

Classic Menu
Kathy Fox
Perfectly Healthy

Best made food for your health. Very tasty with a variety. They deliver to make your life easier. Very nice. Well done!

Classic Menu
Villeda Family
Happy Mom

Thank you Guiltless for being there for my son. We had to move out of state and my son stay to finish his senior year in high school. He loved your food. I believe his favorite ones was the roast beef and meatloaf. Overall great prices. Great food, customer service and no issues with delivery. Thank you again and I have referred you to family. I’ll make sure to stop bye when we’re in town but now my son is off to college. Thank you.

Classic Menu
Lori Matley
Happy customer

Really great food at good prices. So happy I discovered this fabulous place.

Classic menu is great!

I do love the classic menu. One suggestion is maybe you could change it up periodically. It gets rather boring eating the same food every two weeks or so. The other suggestion is maybe you could have us rate the spiciness or our menu choices? I can't eat onions or jalapeno's so end up picking them out of the menu items they are in.
As for the carne asada fries - I always throw them away because I can't reheat them in the microwave the fries get really soft and mushy and they are too spicy for me.

Lean Menu
Kris Dickinson

I’ve tried a few food prep companies and this one blows em all outta the water! Tastes like actual food with actual flavor. Well done, Guiltless 👍🏼

Classic Menu
Carne Asada Fries meat

Love the carne asada fries EXCEPT for the meat. The meant is consistently full of fat and gristle.

Classic Menu
Corey McKinnon
These meals are so delicious and handy!

Excellent option for when I’m on the go and can’t whip up meals at home. Guiltless knocked it out of the park with the meals they offer from the Classic Menu. Get you some of that Chimichurri Steak or the Asada Fries… cheers!


These are soooo ridiculous!! I want to eat like 10. But sooo perfect for a sweet tooth craving.

Convenient and cheaper than going out to eat for lunch

I live near their Temecula pick up location, so I am able to avoid the delivery fee. Food taste's good (highly recommend leaving the lid on when heating to avoid drying out the food) and is cheaper than going out for lunch when at the office.

Lean Menu
Malinda Sadler

The meals are good and flavorful. The only negative comment is the veggies, mainly the broccoli is old or turning bad. This has been regularly.

Classic Menu
adam kutchuk
The great unFattening

Going cold turkey, cutting out fast food, soda, and all other fun stuff I am 10 days into eating healthy meals. I feel a bit better and I'm down 8lbs! Should get this winter coat off just in time for winter!

Vegan Menu
Gregory Kogut
Simple, Satisfying

I really like the no-nonsense Guiltless style. There is no exotic attempt at trying to replicate meats perfectly - like yet another vegan burger. Or using unsatisfying fads like cauliflower rice or "zoodles". Just good, high satiety low-processed ingredients. As with the non-vegan menu, everything is incredibly fresh. Superior to other vegan meal services I've tried.