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Lean Menu

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This menu is designed for individuals looking to have lean, lower-calorie ingredients while maintaining an abundance of proteins, gluten-free carbohydrates, and nutrient-rich vegetables! These meals are put together with protein-rich sources that avoid red meats, pork nuts, and limit the calorie intake by no added oils and or sugars. Get lean by eating clean with Guiltless Food Co!

Customer Reviews

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Kristin Keeney
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I Love your program and it’s helping meet my goals. I did my fit foods years ago and loved it. However, I have to sometimes force myself to eat so many chicken meals. I love it when there is a variety...shrimp, chicken, salmon. If you are going to give me 90% chicken meals can you shred, diced, flatten, etc. 

Same with the potatoes...can you mash, shred, dice.

One last thing...can you make a lunch meal that doesn’t need to be microwaved. Like I chicken salad sandwich wrap  

Can we pick our meals when we order or switch them out at pick up? 

My honest suggestions! 

You all rock! Thank you!!! 

Noble Tucker
First Day

Breakfast was good, lunch (Turkey Meatloaf) was really good, and dinner too. The coconut treats are also good.

Connie Okeson

Lean Menu

Christina Pasakarnis

Lean Menu

Cody Wright
Very tasty!

Great food and delicious!