Your Nutritionist


Hello! My name is Tyler Kalisiak, the nutrition and wellness specialist with Nutrition Anchor, and YOUR partner here at Guiltless Food Co. Being a former professional athlete, then becoming a Nutrition Specialist, I've had the privilege to work with some of the greatest professional athletes around the world, New York Times best selling authors, motivational speakers, as well as creating and coaching successful online fitness and nutrition programs. And now I am here to help guide YOU in the right direction!

Here at Guiltless Food Co., we not only want to make healthy and great tasting meals for you, but we also want to support your personal goals to go along with it. So with that said, that's where I come into the scene. Here at Guiltless Food Co., I am helping to create, natural, nutrient packed, and properly balanced meals that not only takes the wonder and decision making of the equation, but also helps direct you on the right track to the goals you want to achieve.